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The Private course is given all year round in 6 levels:

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.


Private course
  • The Private course can be booked in any level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

  • It is given all year round.

  • Starting dates: any Monday. See calendar here.

  • The private course can be booked in the morning or in the afternoon. There is a price difference.

  • It consist of one-to-one tuition: 1 student, 1 teacher.

  • The student can choose his preferred subject for his lessons.

  • All classes pertaining to bank holidays are made up during the same week with one more hour on the other working days.

  • 1 tuition hour: 50 minutes.

  • Tuition is given only in Spanish.

  • There is no booking fee. Prices are as shown below.

  • Tuition material, certificates and diplomas are not included in the price.

Tuition books

At Gran Canaria School of Languages we have developped our own method Aprendo español according to the levels of the Common European Framework for Languages and the curriculum of the Instituto Cervantes.

For each level we use a student book and an exerciese book.


  • Student book: 20 Eur

  • Exercise book: 5 Eur

You can lease the student book with a deposit of 30 Eur. On returning the book we reimburse 20 Eur.

Wiev our tuition books:


The price of the course includes:

  • Initial level test

  • Tutoring and academic counseling

  • Free internet access via WiFi

  • Personalized attention and information

  • Discount on car rental

  • Discount on surfing courses

When the course is booked with our accommodation, following services are included:

  • Free city map

  • Breakfast on class days. Half-board is optional: lunch on class days and only dinner on weekends and bank-holidays

  • Cleaning of the room every 8 or 9 days (first cleaning is before occupying the room),

  • Bed linen and towels are provided and are changed with the cleaning of the room,

  • A break coffee or fruit on class days

  • 50% discount on the weekly excursion to a place of interest on the island

  • Access to our online course (levels A1 and A2) at as from the payment date to the starting date of the course

  • Free grammar book

  • Lending of a bodyboard (with a deposit)

  • Certificate/Diploma.

Diplomas and certificates

  • These documents are only issued upon the student's request and are not included in the course price.

  • The Diploma may be issued on completion of the corresponding level. It indicates the total hours and the level studied.

  • The Certificate of Attendance may be issued at any time but only to students who attend at least 85% of their classes. It indicates the total hours and the level studied.

  • Our diplomas and certificates are not valid as official documents in accordance with the legislation regulating non-accredited education.

  • For an official diploma, click here.

Subjects you can choose from

You can choose from any of these courses as the subject for your private course.

General Spanish

This course is tailored to the student's needs.

The student will study our curricular plan at his/her pace and level, emphasizing on his/her weaknesses.







SIELE, DELE or DIE preparation

The Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are official qualifications certifying the degree of competence and mastery of Spanish, granted by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education of Spain.

Gran Canaria School of Languages prepares (but not examines) students for every level of this Diploma. During class, sample examinations are used to test the student's skills.

Español para tripulantes de cabina

Spanish on Board. Course for flight attendants/cabin crew

Intended for: Flight attendants/cabin crew

Required minimum level: A2

Length: 40 hours.

Start: any Monday.

Description: The purpose of this course is to provide the student with the basic tools to function in the professional sector of commercial aviation. The course is aimed at flight attendants who want to improve or enhance their level of Spanish through vocabulary acquisition and development of communicative functions relevant to their work environment. The course addresses issues such as check-in, boarding and exiting the aircraft, announcements, catering, onboard sales, emergencies, passenger care, stay between flights, etc, so that students can cope with ease and efficiency with Hispanic passengers.


1. Antes del vuelo

  • Vocabulario general: partes del avión.

  • Vocabulario general: vuelos y aeropuerto.

  • Facturación

  • Ser auxiliar de vuelo

2. Durante el vuelo

  • Anuncios

  • Procedimientos: embarque y desembarque

  • Cortesía

  • Pasajeros

  • Catering

  • Venta a bordo

  • Emergencias

3. Después del vuelo

  • Estancias

  • En el hotel

  • Bares y restaurantes

Español para los negocios

Español para usos profesionales: Negocios

Intended for: general, professionals, business men, students and teachers of Spanish in general interested in specialize or improve their skills in this subject.

Required minimum level: B2.

Length: 40 hours

Start: any Monday. The student may divide the 40 hours in two visits. After each visit the student may obtain a certificate indicating the studied subjects and number of hours.


Block 1

(Obligatory content)

  • La organización empresarial

  • El Plan empresarial

  • Relaciones comerciales

  • Compras y ventas

  • La puesta en marcha. Tr?ites

  • Se necesita personal

Block 2

(The student chooses 4 subjects)

  • La publicidad

  • La Banca

  • Reuniones de negocios

  • Estrategias

  • Retos y éxitos de una empresa

  • Comunicación telefónica

Español para los servicios de salud

Español para usos profesionales: Servicios de Salud.

Intended for: Doctors, nurses and other professionals of the health services. Students interested in the health services.

Required minimum level: B2.

Length: 40 hours

Start: any Monday. The student may divide the 40 hours in two visits. After each visit the student may obtain a certificate indicating the studied subjects and number of hours.


Block 1

(Obligatory content)

  • Asistencia sanitaria en España

  • Centro de atención primaria

  • Urgencias

  • Cirugía

  • Cuidados de enfermería

Block 2

(The student chooses 4 subjects)

  • Alergología, oftalmología, dermatología

  • Maternidad, pediatría

  • Médicos sin fronteras, enfermedades infecciosas

  • Oncología

  • Traumatología

  • Radiodiagnóstico

Español para los servicios turísticos

Español para usos profesionales: Servicios turísticos.

El programa del curso de ESPAÑOL: SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS tiene como objetivo ayudar al alumno a mejorar su competencia lingüística orientada al ámbito del turismo. El conocimiento del vocabulario específico es un pilar fundamental, así como el uso de las diferentes actividades de lengua aplicadas a este sector profesional.

Destinado a: Profesionales y estudiantes en general interesados en ampliar su competencia comunicativa en español, dentro del ámbito específico del mundo del turismo (hostelería, guías turísticas, agencias de viajes).

Nivel mínimo requerido: B2.

Duración: 00 horas.

Estancia mínima: 1 semana = 10 horas.

Comienzo: cualquier lunes durante todo el año.

Contenido: Los contenidos se seleccionan en función de las necesidades específicas del alumno. Entre estos contenidos están los temas relacionados con las siguientes áreas: oferta turística, agencia de viajes, medios de transporte, alojamientos turísticos, hoteles, atención al cliente, marketing turístico, restauración; ferias, congresos y eventos.

Examen oficial: Los alumnos que lo deseen pueden realizar en el centro el examen especializado DIE Turismo.

Prices in Eur

Prices 2018

Private course 2018




1 week:


  10 hours/week

  15 hours/week

  20 hours/week

2 weeks:


  10 hours/week

  15 hours/week

  20 hours/week

3 weeks:


  10 hours/week

  15 hours/week

  20 hours/week

4 weeks:


  10 hours/week

  15 hours/week

  20 hours/week

5 weeks:


  10 hours/week

  15 hours/week

  20 hours/week

Prices 2019

Private course 2019




1 week:


  10 hours/week

  15 hours/week

  20 hours/week

2 weeks:


  10 hours/week

  15 hours/week

  20 hours/week

3 weeks:


  10 hours/week

  15 hours/week

  20 hours/week

4 weeks:


  10 hours/week

  15 hours/week

  20 hours/week

5 weeks:


  10 hours/week

  15 hours/week

  20 hours/week

General terms and conditions


General terms and conditions 2018

General terms and conditions 2018

  1. This agreement is legally binding once the centre has received a student's signed enrolment form, either online or in writing, and implies full acceptance of these general terms and conditions. Likewise, the agreement is legally binding if the inscription is made by telephone, once the data of the reservation have been taken and the payment (deposit or total payment) has been received.

  2. This contract is available to the public at

  3. The total amount of the course (and accommodation) shall be calculated according to the 2018 price list which forms part of this agreement. This amount must be paid in advance. The student will then receive the confirmation of his/her reservation request and an invoice. If payment of the total amount is not made within two weeks from the date of sending the reservation request, it will be deemed cancelled.

  4. A paid course/accommodation or part of it is not transferable to another person.

  5. Minimum age to participate in a group course: 16 years. Minimum age to occupy a room in our accommodation: 18 years or younger accompanied by a responsible adult.

  6. The school offers Spanish courses as non-accredited education all year round. Course20 (Standard course) is offered from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00. Classes pertaining to bank holidays are made-up during the same week. Classes lost by the student are not made-up or refunded.

  7. The maximum number of participants per group is 14.

  8. From A1 to B2, a complete level lasts between 4 and 5 weeks. The C1 level consists of two blocks of 4 to 5 weeks each.

  9. A class session lasts 50 minutes. Classes are taught in Spanish only.

  10. LEVEL ASSIGNMENT: The distribution of the students in the different levels is the responsibility of the centre and is based on strictly academic criteria. After the initial level test, interview and language needs of the student, the decision will be taken to locate him/her in the most appropriate level.

  11. CHANGES OF LEVEL: A student may request a change of level, but the change will be possible only with the prior consent of his/her teacher and the academic coordinator. In case the teacher and the academic coordinator consider that the linguistic competence of the student is not sufficient to step up to the next level, a proof of access to the higher level will be required that proves the real capacity of production and understanding of the student in that level.

  12. Only students of the Standard Courses (groups) can hire Extra Classes.

  13. Starting dates for beginners in the Standard Course (groups): the 1st Monday of the month throughout the year.

  14. Rooms are given clean and re-cleaned on the 8th or 9th day. Bed linen and towels are included and changed with each cleaning of the room. The cleaning of the apartment with kitchen is not included. The client can ask for an extra cleaning with change of bed linen and towels against payment. We perform washing (not ironing) of your personal clothing against payment.

  15. Accommodation includes breakfast on school days (not for the apartment with kitchen). Half board is optional: lunch on school days and dinner only on weekends and holidays.

  16. The price of the course includes:

    • Initial level test;

    • Tutoring and academic counselling;

    • Free internet access via WiFi;

    • Personalized attention and information;

    • Discount on car rental;

    • Discount on surf courses;

  17. The price of the course does not include: tuition material, certifications and diplomas.

  18. Included in the accommodation price when booked for at least 7 nights:

    • Free grammar book;

    • A break coffee or fruit on school days;

    • 50% discount in the weekly excursion;

    • Free use of a bodyboard (with deposit);

    • Access to our online course (levels A1 and A2) from the date of payment until the beginning of the course;

    • Certificate/Diploma.

  19. Students up to 25 years of age can book a shared room. Students can book double rooms in the company of people who do not attend a course.

  20. Accommodation payment is made for full weeks starting on Saturday / Sunday at 12 noon. Rooms must be vacated on Saturday / Sunday before 10:00 h.

  21. Smoking is not allowed in the school or in the accommodation. Animals are not allowed.

  22. CANCELLATIONS: For cancellations arriving 20 days before the start of the course, the school reimburses the amount paid for classes and accommodation less 10%. If the cancellation arrives later, the school reimburses the amount paid less 20%. No cancellations will be admitted if submitted after 4:00 pm (GMT or CET-1) of our last working day prior to the starting date of the course or arrival at the accommodation.

    Private lessons will only be rescheduled with 24 hours’ notice, otherwise the will be lost. Teachers’ waiting time is 20 minutes; after that all classes scheduled for that day are lost.

    For long stays in our accommodation, the student can make changes or cancellations for the following month and claim a refund as long as he/she gives notice until the 15th day of the month prior to that change or cancellation. Of all the amounts that are returned, 20% will be deducted for administrative expenses.

  23. CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE OR DIPLOMAS: The Diploma may be issued at the end of the corresponding level. The Certificate of Attendance can be issued at any time, but only to students with at least 85% attendance. Our diploma / certificate is not an official document, according to the legislation that regulates non-accredited education.

  24. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA AND IMAGE RIGHTS: the student, by accepting this contract, gives consent for his/her personal data submitted in the booking process to be included in a file owned by Gran Canaria School of Languages, SLU and processed under the Personal Data Protection Act 15/1997 for the purposes of carrying out the academic, economic and administrative management of the student, necessary for the organization and development of the training activity of Gran Canaria School of Languages.

    During the time that the student is enrolled in the centre, images of the students can be captured and used in the composition of graphic or video files prepared to inform or publicize activities organized by the centre. Dissemination can be done through publications on paper or the inclusion on the website, social networks, as well as by publication in information leaflets owned by Gran Canaria School SLU. The treatment of student images is carried out in accordance with Organic Law 1/1982, of May 5, on civil protection of the right to honour, personal and family privacy, and the image itself, eliminating any captures or filming that might violate these fundamental rights. The images are not used for purposes other than those expressed and may be transferred to third parties for promotional or advertising purposes.

    When registering, the student expresses his / her consent for Gran Canaria School of Languages to make photographs and videos showing and using images taken by the students during the classes and activities of the school in which they appear for promotional purposes. The denial of this permit must be communicated in advance by one of two options:

    • Option 1: Students will be provided with a document upon request.

    • Option 2: sending a letter addressed to the centre, Gran Canaria School of Languages, Calle Dr. Grau Bassas 27, 35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, SPAIN, or via email to

  25. STANDARDS OF BEHAVIOR AND COEXISTENCE: Students are expected to behave appropriately and respect their peers and staff at our school. Inappropriate or offensive behaviour towards others or class attendance in drunkenness or under the influence of drugs will not be accepted.

    If a student behaves improperly with a classmate, teacher or staff member, he or she will receive a verbal notice from Gran Canaria School of Languages and will be informed in writing of the consequences of his / her performance, in order to correct his / her behaviour. If this does not happen after this first warning, the expulsion process may be initiated by the school, if necessary and according to the current legality. In case of violent acts, serious alteration of the order or threats to the physical integrity of other persons, the expulsion will be immediate.

    Gran Canaria School of Languages reserves the right to expel the student, both from the school and from its accommodation, in case of breach of any of the legal conditions, serious disciplinary infractions or acts of violence towards other students, teachers or staff of the centre. Expulsion of a student implies loss of the right to financial compensation and exempts the school from any additional obligation. All expenses (indemnities, fines, etc.) caused by breach of the law will be borne by the student and in the case of minors, their parents or legal guardians.

  26. CLAIMS AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION: we have the necessary management procedures so that any problems that may arise during the student's stay are resolved as soon as possible. In all cases, the student must communicate his/her complaints in writing and the school will respond verbally and also in writing, proposing the best options for the resolution of the complaint.

    No claim or complaint made after the end of the stay that has not been brought to the attention of the school in writing during the course will not be accepted.

    In case of not reaching a full agreement between both parties, the school makes available to its customers the complaint sheets conforming to the official model. For any dispute arising from the interpretation or fulfilment of this contract, the school is submitted expressly to the arbitration system of consumption, through the corresponding Consumer Arbitration Board.

    The Spanish law applies to all relations between the student and the centre and / or between contractors of services with the centre, and all parties will submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

General terms and conditions 2019

General terms and conditions 2019

  1. Under construction.

  2. Under construction.

  3. Under construction.

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