The GRAN CANARIA SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES offers intensive Spanish courses to foreign students since 1964.


Our Spanish courses are offered all year round in six levels and are aimed to adults who are either having their first contact with the Spanish language or to those who wish to improve their knowledge.


Our intensive Spanish courses are given in groups and in private or semiprivate lessons. Courses in Spanish for specific purposes are also available. Private tuition is also available on Skype.


At the Gran Canaria School of Languages you will find the Spanish course you need, whether general or for specific purposes, and we will introduce you to the Spanish and local culture. Our highly qualified and long experienced teachers will make your study of the Spanish language an easy fun trip. Our mild climate will pamper you on our beaches of golden sand, and the island will reveal its most beautiful sights to you. Our social and cultural activities will let you get in touch with our history, culture, art and people.


It will be an experience that we are sure you will enjoy and hope you will repeat.

Come and experience Gran Canaria with us!


Mauricio Lagartos


The Canary Islands... a fantastic life.

John Kettley, meteorologist



The GRAN CANARIA SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES is specialized in the teaching of Spanish to foreign students since 1964. In all these years many thousands of students have attended the school and spread the good reputation the school enjoys all over the world. The teachers are highly specialized and have long experience.

In 1994 on its 30th anniversary, Gran Canaria S.O.L. was officially congratulated by the Canary Government through the Tourism Board of Gran Canaria as well as by the Town Council of Las Palmas through its Tourism Council for its many years of good work.

ACCEE association    

The Gran Canaria S.O.L. is a member of other Spanish and local cultural, professional and tourism associations. All the best school agents and travel agencies represent it worldwide.


In 2001 it was awarded by the CIT (Center for Initiatives and Tourism) of Gran Canaria the recognition of Recommended Business, of which organization it is a member since then for its excellent pedagogical labour in the teaching of Spanish to foreign students, and for its student accommodation quality.

Bildungsurlaub auf Gran Canaria School of Languages  



The Gran Canaria S.O.L. is recognised since 1986 by the German Government as a collaborator in teaching Spanish (Bildungsurlaub) for professional training.

Official DIE examination at Gran Canaria School of Languages Official DIE examination at Gran Canaria School of Languages  




The Gran Canaria S.O.L. is the only authorised center for the DIE (Diploma Internacional de Español) examinations in Las Palmas.

The International Diploma of Spanish is recognised by the Courses of Spanish Language and Culture of the Universidad Pontificia of Salamanca.

Gran Canaria School of Languages has won the Teaching Excellence Award for Canary Islands in the 2016/17 iStudy Global Awards!

The awards program selects winners based on their achievements and strengths in the education industry. Award winners have demonstrated success and innovation.

The judges of the award have received an overwhelming number of nominations this year and the judging panel had the unenviable task of selecting those schools, universities, teams and individuals within each category most worthy of an award.

All winners of the 2016 iStudy Awards are subject to the same rigorous assessment criteria, carried out by their experienced in-house professionals. This ensures that only the most deserving walk away with one of these prestigious accolades.

The iStudy Awards represent the pinnacle of achievement, championing the best in their respective fields. Therefore, to come out as a clear winner is an achievement that the Gran Canaria School is proud of.

iStudy award winner 2016-2017

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Me gustaría muchísimo volver a la escuela el próximo año para mejorar mi español y también porque he encontrado personas muy amables y divertidas. !Muchísimas gracias!

Ilaria farioli, 26, Italia.

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